Exploring Bellingham

Mortgage Lender and CPA, Marie Bjornson, hired Eternia to create a content marketing site focused on Bellingham, WA. Eternia worked with Marie to create Exploring Bellingham as the site’s identifiable brand. The logo and site design communicate a clean, modern and fun ethos, while perfectly presenting the in-depth content on all things Bellingham.

The site features each of Bellingham’s neighborhoods, each with their own in-depth page of descriptive writing, photos and stats. Like other content marketing site Eternia has done for clients in the real estate industry, the neighborhood index page features a custom clickable map application that links to each respective neighborhood.

Exploring Bellingham has numerous beautiful calls-to-action, as well as helpful guide pages explaining how best to use the site. These pages are designed to funnel people toward contacting Marie and her team in order to obtain a home loan or a realtor referral (which she receives a referral fee for). Eternia recommended a content-creation partner that has signed on to create ongoing search-engine-optimized content for the blog, which will effectively utilize the site Eternia created for its intended purpose of obtaining business leads.