Lemoine Roofing & Construction

Lemoine Roofing & Construction was in a need of a website redesign that would accurately communicate the relevance of their brand while being highly converting. They also asked Eternia for help with SEO and creating an email marketing campaign.

Eternia designed and developed a site that not only accurately represented the aesthetic identity of Lemoine but elevated the design to amongst the top of the roofing and general contracting industries. We also did some brand story and brand script work to help make sure their messaging, and website layout, were connecting on a fundamental level with their target audience.

Powerful visuals combined with language like, “We’re the roofing company you can trust in for the roof your family can trust in,” created a highly converting website resulted in an increase in customer contacts even before the SEO campaign got fully under way. However, Eternia’s powerful SEO methods also created clear results in a very short time, which resulted in even greater website success.